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CEBROKER REPORTING STATES: STOP – PLEASE READ! If you did not add your student name, licensing number or state of renewal correctly when you setup your billing information during purchase, your continuing education hours do not forward automatically to CEBroker. This information applies for all states that use CEBroker (TN, MI, SC, FL, GA). Check your completed course certificates now for this information and scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for further directions. All other students report their continuing education hours to their state board when they renew their license.

Please read the INSTRUCTIONS HERE which offers step-by-step guidelines on how to purchase, navigate classes, print/save your certifications, reset your password, etc. 

Why your device might not be able to access the classes (rolls back to another part of the course) or cannot purchase courses is found HERE. Use the Chrome browser on your device (Iphone, Laptop, Ipad) when purchasing or completing your courses. Several other browsers like DuckDuckGo do not work with the LearnDash system and the MAC does not work with the Learndash system. I do not have control over the fact that your IPHONE or browser do not work with the courses, but I’m happy to check your account for you. Try troubleshooting with the above information.

Not being able to find your way back into your course where you left off: Go to your account and click directly on the course title in your account. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of that screen where your course content is located. Click directly on the first lesson that does not have a GREEN CHECK MARK next to it and re-enter the course. Otherwise – contact me for assistance.

If you need to change or add your student profile information (student name, licensing number state of renewal or your address) you must contact me directly. Due to the abuse of others changing student names and licensing numbers on completed courses or on certificates has forced me to block students from making updates to their accounts.

Please note: You must purchase your courses before you can create an account.

I monitor the site continuously throughout the day, 7 days a week and respond to emails at least twice a day. If it is late in the evening (EST, Florida), you’ll hear from me early the following day. I promise! 

Please “be kind” when contacting me. I do my very best to assist you as quickly as possible.  Students do not need to be aggressive with me in their communication and those who do may have their accounts canceled and further purchases blocked

Email Communication – Fill Out The Form Below

If I cannot reach you by the email address you provide in the form below, your issue cannot be resolved. If your name, licensing number and state of renewal are not listed on your completed course certificates, your continuing education hours may not be valid for your state when you try to renew your license and your continuing education hours will not automatically report to CEBroker.

CHECK YOUR COMPLETE COURSE CERTIFICATES NOW to insure that you have submitted your student profile information correctly in your student profile when you filled out your billing form and purchased since your certificates show what you’ve listed for your account when you purchased. 

Email Address: [email protected]

If you come across any errors on the website or curriculum, or any updates to state licensing laws, please let me know. I would really appreciate it. I try to keep the prices as low as I possibly can. I understand how expensive and frustrating the renewal process can be and do all I can do to make the process easier. Thanks for using MassageCELearningTree and referring my website to others which allows me to continue offering  courses at low prices.  With Gratitude, Jeannette, Massage CE Learning Tree

Self Reporting To CEBroker Instructions 

NOTE: Most students report their own completed CE’S to their own state when they renew their Massage License. Only GA, SC, MI, TN and FL use CEBROKER. See Below.

  • We ONLY report completed CE Hours to Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and Michigan CEBroker when you set up your student profile correctly in the billing section prior to purchase (MA##### for Florida or MT##### for Georgia) and for SC, TN and MI, use ##### only without letters. You cannot add or change any of this information after you’ve purchased. If you haven’t started your classes, contact me and I can update the licensing information for you, but if you have completed your classes without your licensing number in place, the hours will not forward to CEBroker and you will need to self-report (see below)
  • When you set up your account and before you start your classes, please make sure that your student profile account is set up correctly. 
  • If you have me change your information after you’ve taken your classes, your CE hours will  not automatically report to CEBroker and you will need to “SELF REPORT” to CEBroker.
  • Look at your certificates. They should reflect your name, state and massage licensing number correctly. If that information is not on your certificate, you’ve skipped this step when you purchased your courses and you will need to “Self-Report”.
  • If you have set up your account correctly and your hours have not reported, please either self report or, if you are not close to a deadline, contact me using the email address above so I may check your account.
Hours usually post to your CEBroker account within 24 Hours!

Students may report their own hours to CEBroker by following the directions below.

If you need to contact CEBroker, here is the link www.cebroker.comYou may chat with CEBroker online or speak to them personally by calling 877-434-6323. CEBroker is very helpful and student friendly and will walk you through the process if you need help. 

All other states report their hours when they renew their massage license.

Self-Service CEBROKER reporting instructions:

Set-up or log into your cebroker account. CEBroker will help you with this if you have never done this before. Contact for CEBROKER HERE

You can chat with CEBroker via the link above or call them directly at 877-434-6323

♦ Choose the reporting option, “Organized and accepted courses of study offered by providers approved by the NCBTMB”

♦ Once logged into your account with CEBROKER, click REPORT CE and then click BEGIN next to “Organized and accepted courses of study offered by providers approved by the NCBTMB”

♦ Use the following information to report your courses to CEBROKER:

Provider Name: Jeannette Cunniff

NCBTMB #: 450015-06