Instructions for Online Courses

This page features instructions for registering, completing courses, reprinting your certificates and resetting your password with Massage CE Learning tree. If you have any other questions, please check out our FAQs page, or contact us if you can’t find an answer to your question.

We highly suggest using the CHROME browser which works best with this computerized WordPress course. Chrome is free and can be downloaded here and used as an alternate browser.

Purchasing (Registering) for a Course

  • Use the “Add to Cart” button for each course you want to purchase.
    Add to cart
  • The cart total is listed at the top of the screen, click it at anytime to start the check out process.
    cart icon
  • Review your order, then click the Proceed to Checkout button.
  • Enter your billing details into the form.  You will be asked to create a password. Make sure to remember what you enter as a Password, as you’ll need it in order to access your course material in the future. If you have already created an account, the details of this form will be filled out for you. **If you need to reset your password, scroll to the bottom of these instructions.
  • Keep in mind that you can only buy courses or bundles for ONE PERSON/ONE LICENSING NUMBER at a time. You cannot buy multiple courses/bundles and then change the account and licensing number so another person can use it. Each person should  purchase their own individual classes and set up their own individual account using a different email address. You cannot use the same email address for different accounts or students.
  • When you’re finished, click the Proceed to PayPal button.
    Proceed to PayPal
  • You’ll be taken to the PayPal website to complete your purchase. You don’t need a PayPal account, PayPal accepts direct credit card purchases as well. Continue through the purchase process using the Paypal system. On the 2nd page of the purchase process you will have an opportunity to use a credit card or debit card. If you do not want to use Paypal as your payment choice, do not fill in the Paypal information (email address/password). Choose the link below the Paypal information which indicates credit cards and debit cards purchases.
  • Once you’ve finished with PayPal, you’ll be taken back to Massage CE Learning Tree

Accessing Course Material

  • Use the Login link at the top of the screen if you aren’t logged in already.
    Login Link
  • Click “My Account” to access a list of your available courses. You may have to scroll down the page a bit to see the title of the courses you’ve purchased.
    My Account
  • Click the title of the course you want to access.
    Courses you are registered for
  • To navigate through the course, you can use the navigation menu located to the left of the content (or at the bottom of the content if you’re on a smartphone). There is also a “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of every lesson which will take you automatically to the next lesson.
    Mark Complete
  • There is also a “Practice Exam” which you can print or view prior to reviewing the curriculum.  Use it as you review each lesson and complete the “Practice Exam” as you move through the course. You will find that “key points” are highlighted throughout each lesson which will come in handy in answering questions on the actual exam.

Completing Course Evaluations and Course Exams

  • At the bottom of the main page for each course, there are links for the course evaluation and the course exam.
  • Before taking the course exam for each class, you’ll fill in a course evaluation to let us know what you thought of the material. The evaluation is made up of four rating-scale type questions, followed by a box for comments and a check box asking if we can use your feedback publicly. Although the course evaluation is required, it doesn’t effect your grade in any way.
  • Once you’ve finished the course evaluation, you’ll be taken to the course exam. The exams are made up of multiple choice questions, and the answers are shuffled randomly each time a student takes the course. Remember to use your practice exam as a guide to complete the final exam.
  • If you acheive a 70% or better, you pass the exam. These are pass/fail exams and no grades appear on your certification although you will see and can review any missed questions on the exam.
  • Select your answer and click “Next” to move to the next question.
  • Once the course exam is finished, you’ll be shown your grade and have the option to print your certificate.

Printing Certificates

  • Once you’ve finish the course exam, you’ll be presented with a link to print your certificate along with your grade.
  • If you forgot to print your certificate after the course or you need to re-print it in the future, you can access links to the certificates for each course you’ve completed in the “My Account” area.
  • Click on the “triangle” next to the course you’ve completed (not the course itself). A picture of the “certificate” will appear on the line of the course you’ve completed. Click on the “certificate” picture to download a copy of your certification.
    link to certificate
  • Certificates are created as PDFs, which will open in your browser. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) Your browser  will have a built-in function to print the PDF for you.
  • Certificates can be printed for 9 months after date of purchase. After 9 months, please contact us directly and we can supply you with a copy of your certificate via email.

Resetting Your Password


My Account Login


Lost your password? CLICK “LOST YOUR PASSWORD”

A new password reset will be generated to your email address. This usually takes 15 minutes to occur.

Change Your Personal Information, Add State Licensing Number (which displays on Certificates)

Go to MY ACCOUNT and scroll to the very bottom of the screen to “Billing Address”.

Edit “Billing Address”. To change or add your licensing number, scroll to the very bottom of the “Billing Address” page.