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Feedback From Massagecelearningtree Students…

Diabetes and Massage

Loved this course!

Thanks for "telling it like it is" in the Business and Ethics class. You answered all the questions that no other instructor wants to cover about being a massage therapist.

Jessica O., Riverside, CA

I just finished your Core Element Craniosacral class and I can't believe this class experience. It is the best I've ever had.

Julie R. Redondo Beach, CA

Jeannette, thanks for helping the staff train for HIHO here in the British Virgin Islands. The sports massage class you gave in your spare time really helped us out!

Natalie, BVI

You were right about the interview. I told them to just let me give them a massage and the spa manager loved it!

Jesse B., Sonoma, CA

The Student Clinic was my favorite program. A great experience treating all those different clients with injuries!

Peggy R., Wallys Hotsprings, Carson, NV

Everything you teach is so easy to learn! How do you do that?

Eddie M., Squaw Valley Ski Resort

Your classes are fun and so different than anything else I've ever studied. I can't wait to get home and start using the Q.L. technique and Craniosacral!

Jill P., WA

I've moved to Portland (thanks for helping me with my hours here). The instructors are STUNNED with what I've  learned in 200 hours of training. Its their entire 750 hour program! I am way ahead of the game here.

Lauren P., Portland, Or.

I just finished taking the Intro to Cranio class with you at Golden West College. I really didn't think I was going to learn anything new since I've taken many CS classes with different instructors. I was just looking for hours to renew my license but the releases I had in my injured arm during class still shocks me! It is nearly pain free!

Mi C., Seal Beach, CA

I have taken many Cranio classes and can't believe my experiences in yours. A whole new way of Craniosacral has opened up to me. You're right..everyone brings something different to the "table".

Mason R. Vallejo, CA

That Craniosacral class was so cool! Thanks for being there every step of the way!

Gary T., Vallejo, CA

Jeannette, thanks for everything! I've learned more with you during these 3 weeks than I learned in my entire year of massage school in Europe...

Dr. Carol L., Germany

My confidence level soars and I treat injuries now!

Jimmy K., CA

Jeannette, just wanted you to know I have been using my new strokes for sciatic nerve compression and they have been a big hit.  I appreciate all that I have learned from you and can't wait to continue learning.  I love your teaching.

J.H., Cerritos College

Jeannette and the teaching assistants are just great! Class materials are easy to understand when the Kinesiology is combined with the hands-on training.

Janine T., Alpine Spa, NV

Just a quick note to say "thanks!" My athletes are crazy about the I.T. Band release I learned in your class and tell me that they have NEVER experienced this type of work before! PS. I'll really miss you in Lake Tahoe.

Terry V., Cal-Neva Spa, NV

As a performer, I have a better understanding of myself and my body. Second to taking my first dance class, attending your classes was the best decision I ever made...

Scott S. Cast of "Grease"

Thanks for keeping your classes so affordable. I use all of these techniques in my massage sessions.

Ed R., Four Seasons, HI

Hi, Dear Teacher Jeannette, HAPPY NEW YEAR - CHINESE NEW YEAR, 2015 ! I am glad to learn this course from you. I am using it in my daily pratice.I think I need the introduction speech just like you say when we start the practice. I wonder if I can get a copy of these words from you. I will introduce my schoolmates, coworkers to your class soon. Thank you for your great help.

Thomas Z., San Diego

I have just finished the Chronic Low Back Pain class. I have 750 hours of massage training and I have NEVER been shown or taught any of these techniques. The step by step hand-outs really help. More than anything, my back pain is completely gone and it was worth taking the class, just for the hands-on work in class...

Mary B., Orange, CA
Dear Jeannette,
Again, thank you for making this new chapter of my life a most wonderful experience! Your fun-loving-dynamic personality was adored by all of us!!! If u don't mind, please send a copy of pics to me.
Kimberly, Graduating class, Cerritos, Aug. 2011

Wow!!  I don't think I've taken any classes from an instructor who teaches as thoroughly as you do! Thank you! It was a pleasure and privilege to be in your classes 🙂

Jamie C., Santa Ana, CA

I have taken a lot of Craniosacral classes, but I was lucky enough to get into your class last minute. What an absolutely incredible experience. It changed my life!

Barry C., Hawaii
Hey Jeannette!
When I enrolled in your Cranial Facial class, I was just looking to earn some CEU hours. That class changed my entire approach to facials! Thank you for bringing something so exciting to class
Kerry C., Santa Ana, CA

Thanks for teaching such great classes! I've been taking courses for the last 8 years throughout California and haven't come across any classes that come close to yours. I just wish you taught more classes in the San Francisco area! See you for your summer courses in southern CA.

Jessica M. Sonoma, CA
Hi Jeannette,
I'm not sure if you remember me, my name is Brittney and I was in your school in 2004. First of all you were a great instructor. I've worked with a ton of people in the Calistoga, CA area resorts and just your techniques alone are way better than any I've seen over the last 9 years. I have to say I am absolutely great at what I do as a result of you being so great at what you do. People are constantly asking me where I went to school...Lake Tahoe Massage School of course. 🙂 
Hi Jeannette,
I'm in for the CS 1 class.  So excited.
Thank you again for the Intro Class.  I love this work and can't wait to learn more.
Sarae, Long Beach, CA
I'm very excited about learning this new work as the Introductory program was amazing---I'm a believer!  My neck and arm/shoulder area still feel fantastic---such relief.  I appreciated that you were so organized and presented the material in a very clear and understandable manner.  Thank you!
Shea, Dana Point, CA
Hi J,
Just want you to know that the Chronic Neck and Low Back Classes were fab! Thanks a million! Let me know if you need any TA's this summer!
April, Richmond, NC
Thank you once again for the two craniosacral classes!  I really appreciate your knowledge, your organization and how articulate you are when presenting the material.  Hopefully, I will be able to benefit my massage clients with this new work as I benefited during class practice.  It was a pleasure to meet you...
Shannon, Long Beach, CA
I had an awesome time in your Cranio Facial class. Incorporating a few simple handholds into my session sets me apart from others in my field and gives me a chance to upsell a new service!
Call me when you want a session! 🙂
Penny, Norfolk, VA
Hey Jeannette -
I loved the Express Facial class! You made it so simple and easy to do. I never thought I'd like skin care before, but I think this is the direction I'm heading in now. Have a great Spring!
Susan, Virginia Beach, VA
Hi Jeannette!
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the Chronic Neck Pain class you held last week! So many new techniques that I can't wait to use in my massage sessions. Thanks a bunch!
Casey, Rocky Point, NC

Immune System and Massage

Physiology is not my favorite part of massage. I generally have a hard time understanding what system does what. But I must say this course lays it out nice and simple for you.


Easy to read! I would highly recommend. Lots of good information that you can use in your massage.