Professional Ethics, Roles and Boundaries, 2 CE

The course on “Professional Ethics, Roles and Boundaries” will explore the professional role of the massage therapist in the therapeutic relationship.

The field of psychology has always fascinated me – so much so that I have studied it extensively. I’ve found that it has helped me tremendously in my massage therapy practice, classroom and in everyday life / work situations.

Having the ability to “read” different situations and redirect energy is vital in today’s society and in our field.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about and how to effectively handle the complex psychology situations that are relevant to the massage therapy field. Topics to be covered include:

  • Power Differentials
  • Personal Ethics vs. Professional Ethics
  • Client / Therapist Relationships
  • How to Establish and Maintain Professional Boundaries
  • Various Boundaries; What They Are
  • Communication; Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • Trauma and Emotional First Aid in Session
  • Sexual Boundaries, Sexual Abuse and Statics
  • Prevention of Sexual Abuse in the Workplace
  • Dual Relationships
  • Dynamics of Relationships
  • Transference / Counter-Transference
  • Drama Triangle vs. Empowerment Triangle

You can find a printable PDF of the “practice exam” in the next chapter.