New Jersey Massage Therapy Laws, 1 CE

New Jersey Massage Therapy Laws

This is a mandatory course required by N.J. in order to renew your license.

This course will cover the rules and regulations set forth by the state of New Jersey regarding the field of massage therapy, specifically N.J. Chapter 37A and N.J.S.A. 45. 11-53

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Course Information

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The exam questions can be found below. You may take a screenshot or picture so you have them available as you review the course.

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Final Exam Questions

  1. What do the letters N.C.B.T.M.B. stand for?
  2. How many continuing education hours must you complete for each N.J. massage licensing renewal cycle?
  3. How many continuing education hours can be taken online?
  4. What is the 1 required course needed to renew your N.J. massage license?
  5. What does the term “Licensee” mean?

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