Illinois Sexual Harassment In The Workplace, 1 CE

Illinois Sexual Harassment In The Workplace, 1 CE is valid only for Illinois Massage Therapy Continuing Education Massage Licensing Renewal. It is accepted by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR) as an approved Illinois Massage Continuing Education course approved by the NCBTMB which meets the requirements of Illinois State.

Course Objectives: After completing this Illinois Sexual Harassment In The Workplace, 1 CE course, students will be able to explain, define, and recognize what sexual harassment is and what to do about it in any workplace environment in the state of Illinois. A number of objectives of this course is to provide information and understanding of state-mandated information regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. At the conclusion of this course, a student will be able to:

  • Explain and give examples of workplace sexual harassment, what it is, and the types and forms it takes.
  • Provide examples of conduct constituting unlawful sexual harassment.
  • Describe what to do if you experience or witness unwelcome sexual contact. 
  • Describe Illinois definition of sexual harassment according to Illinois Public Act 100-0554. 
  • Define what sexual harassment is per the Illinois Human Rights Act. 
  • Define primary mandates in the Illinois Public Act 100-0554. 
  • Recognize protections for those who report acts of sexual harassment, also known as whistleblowers, in the workplace. 
  • Describe how to report workplace sexual harassment. 
  • Define ways employers and employees can prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Know about employer responsibilities for the prevention and investigation of sexual harassment 
  • Suggestions on correcting instances of sexual harassment. 

No matter where you work in Illinois or anywhere in the country, you have the right to go to your workplace without being confronted with any form of sexual harassment. In Illinois, a “working environment” can be ‘anywhere’, and not just a physical location, where an employee is expected to perform their duties.

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The following 5 multiple choice answer exam questions will be found at the conclusion of the course (Scroll down to enter the course)

  • Sexual harassment or a sexual innuendo can include (but are not limited to) any of the following:
  • Quid pro quo implies that someone suggests something that will benefit both parties involved. In other words, “I’ll do something for you and you do something for me”. Which of the following “perks” could be offered to an employee in exchange for a date or sex?
  • In some cases, a hostile work environment can imply obvious threats or intimidation by someone in a position of power made to someone else that they are focusing on. These threats can include:
  • What is a ‘Grievance Mechanism’?
  • In 2020, Spa Executive reported that, in the spa environment, _________ of massage therapists had experienced at least 1 incident of sexual harassment or assault from a client.