Professional Ethics in Massage, 1 CE

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Course Description

ethicsThe “Professional Ethics in Massage” course includes information on the following:

  • Standards and Principles
  • State Regulations and Certifications
  • Putting Principles of Practice into Action
  • Ethical Decision Making
  • Accountability
  • Unethical Behaviors
  • Reporting Unethical Behaviors

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Test Questions and Taking The Test

Test questions are available at the start of the course for your review. Below is a list of test questions that you will find at the end of the course. The answers are highlighted throughout the course material. At the end of each lesson, you must click the MARK COMPLETE button to move ahead to the next section. Once you’ve completed each section, complete the COURSE EVALUATION to move ahead to the EXAM QUESTIONS. Once you pass the exam with a 70%, you may print or download and save your certificate. Even though THERE ARE NO GRADES (this is a pass/fail course), you may take the exam as many times as you like (although it will not change your pass/fail achievement since there are no grades associated with the course). Once you’ve complete the course, return to MY ACCOUNT to take your next course. 

1. How many primary rules exist for the AMTA?

2. In addition to the District of Columbia, how many states license or credential massage therapists?

3. Upon completing a massage therapy program, students are usually required to take a state/national exam known as the ?

4. Standards of practice can also be referred to as

5. What is “Scope of Practice”?

6. What does HIPAA stand for?

7. In order to avoid any sexual impropriety, it is import to –

8. When preparing to report unethical behavior, it is important to –

5 reviews for Professional Ethics in Massage, 1 CE

  1. Sammi

    Great course to round out my professional ethics requirements!

  2. Cheryl

    Lots of great info

  3. Kat

    Great course

  4. Sean

    learned alot, thanks

  5. Barb

    Good info

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