Cultural Diversity and Professional Ethics, 1 CE

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Cultural Diversity and Professional Ethics

Continuing Education in Massage Therapy. NCBTMB Approved Course

Your clients will likely include, not only diverse cultures, races, and ethnicities, but at times, those who are mentally and/or physically handicapped. Therefore, in order to promote your skills and knowledge as a massage therapist to culturally diverse clients, this massage therapy continuing education course will help sharpen your awareness of such differences and understanding the ramifications of bias, discrimination, and stereotyping is important.

Cultural awareness will help you to improve the quality of your massage sessions. In other words, this awareness will prove effective in eliminating barriers regarding culture to provide a positive influence on behaviors and practices within the massage industry.

Test Questions and Taking the Course

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Cultural Diversity and Professional Ethics Practice Exam

You can download and print the Cultural Diversity Exam Here

What is meant by the term “Cultural Diversity”?

  1. The ability to determine if a person has the same cultural practice and belief system as you
  2. The ability to understand and accept different cultural attitudes, practices, and belief systems
  3. The ability to determine where a person was born
  4. All of the answers are correct

Which generation used the first cell phone?

  1. Traditionalist
  2. Generation X
  3. Baby Boomers
  4. All the answers are correct

What does the term “Cultural Value” mean?

  1. One’s heritage
  2. One’s monetary stature
  3. One’s citizenship
  4. One’s religious preferences

Which law states that it is “against the law to discriminate against anyone with a disability in a workplace environment?”

  1. The Americans with Disabilities Act
  2. Occupational Hazards and Safety Act
  3. The American Veteran Act
  4. American Fair Housing Act

Many Americans prefer to keep approximately ____ inches of distance between others when holding a conversation.

  1. 12
  2. 10
  3. 16
  4. 20

In Asia, what common body language practiced in America is viewed as arrogant?

  1. Tilting head to one side
  2. Nodding head “yes’ while listening
  3. Resting hands on hips
  4. Slouching in stance

In which country is “crooking your finger to call someone over” considered obscene?

  1. England
  2. Brazil
  3. Italy
  4. France

Certain cultures are hesitant of massage therapy or certain massage techniques due to

  1. All the answers are correct
  2. Religion
  3. Interpersonal Belief
  4. Ethnicity

What does the Asian culture find offensive?

  1. People who eat off the same plate
  2. Drinking out of the same glass
  3. People who ask too many questions
  4. Touching the top of someone’s head

Which population is recorded as having the largest growth between 2000 – 2010?

  1. German
  2. Asian
  3. Hispanic
  4. Russia

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