Craniosacral Seminars

Please take a moment to view our wonderful Craniosacral video showing the unwinding session of our 9 year old client.

I looked in temples, churches and mosques. But I found the Divine within my heart.
The heart has its reasons…

The “Core Element”

I am blessed to have trained and worked with Hugh Milne of the “Milne Institute” as a teaching assistant in the “Visionary Craniosacral” programs from 2000 – 2004. Cranio-work includes approaches and protocols initially introduced by Milne and Upledger. With guidance and an open heart, the student will have the opportunity to connect with their own “soul-felt” places.

Introduction to Craniosacral, 8 CE Hours

Open to All – No experience necessary

If you’ve always been interested in experiencing craniosacral work and connecting with the body/mind on a “deeper level”, this is the class for you! Craniosacral is a “non-invasive/subtle therapy” which can be added to any session. A simple technique which is primarily based on intention, soft hands and an open heart, it has been successful in addressing a variety of conditions including injuries, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, chronic and acute pain, ADHD, headaches, etc. In this class we will look at the basic anatomy of the craniosacral system; bones, central nervous system, cerebrospinal fluid and dura. We will cover a 10 step protocol which will be performed through the clothing.

Bring an open heart and open mind to class.

Craniosacral I, 8 CE Hours
The Core Element Series
Unwinding the Low Back, Sacrum & Coccyx

Open to All – No experience necessary

We will continue our study of the Craniosacral System, focusing on the structure and hands-on application of the Lumbar Vertebra, Sacrum and Coccyx Unwinding. Sidelying, Prone and Supine positional will be taught and practiced in class, leading to a 10 step protocol focused around the low back, hips and sacrum.

Bring an open heart and an open mind to class.

Craniosacral II, 8 CE Hours
Chakras and the Transverse Diaphragms

Open enrollment, no prerequisite

We continue our study of the craniosacral system, introducing the correlation of craniosacral & chakras. The 5 transverse diaphragms are dams of membrane that close off one space from another, much like the chakras which can close us off from our true potential. Chakras are our portals to development, our sacred light centers that carry us forward on our own personal journey – our chakras represent the way we view and experience our world. These are our places of our joy and elation, of our hurt & grief –
We will continue to develop our sensitivity and intuition, our “open heartedness”, our place of acceptance and forgiveness – working with the chakra centers and transverse diaphragms, visualization, color therapy, and that heavenly unwinding of tissue dancing under our fingertips which finds us when we create a sacred space.

Craniosacral III, 8 CE Hours
TMJ, Bruxism (teeth grinding),
Headaches and Whiplash Injury

This class will require a minimum of 16 hours of previous
craniosacral training. If you haven’t previously trained with us, you will need to supply previous copies of certification when enrolling

Student should be open to experiencing the giving and receiving of a minimum of two gentle “in the mouth” contacts (with gloved hands). Eight “outside” hands-on contacts will make up our 10 step protocol. This is an “intro class” to inter-oral craniosacral contact work.

Craniosacral Therapy has proven invaluable for relieving the pain of TMJ, headaches and chronic neck pain by loosening the temporal mandibular joint, upper and lower palates of the mouth, releasing the constriction of the sphenoid bone, maxillae, zygomatic arches and vomer.These simple, gentle techniques allow the mouth to “heal itself”, by natural realignment. A 10 step protocol will be taught along with basic structures and anatomy related to the hands-on application. These easy to understand and simple techniques can be added to any session to address the above conditions. *Latex gloves will be supplied for class. If you are allergic to latex or wish to supply alternate gloves, please bring 3 sets of gloves to class.

There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen.