Florida Laws, Rules and Regulations, 2 CE

“Florida Massage Therapy Laws and Rules” is a continuing education course designed for:

  • Florida State Licensed Massage Therapists who are in need of obtaining massage licensing renewal information and those who are interested in obtaining their initial Florida massage license.

This course will focus on the laws and rules that govern and regulate the practice of massage therapy in the state of Florida. Information presented in this program includes Chapters 456 (Health Professions and Occupations – General Provisions) and 480 (Massage Therapy Practice Act) of the Florida Statutes and Chapter 64B7 (Massage Therapy Rules of the Florida Administrative Code) and the new law CS/HB 1065 (Criminal Background and Fingerprinting).

The Exam Questions appear in the first chapter. SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE. Click on the first course to begin.

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