Business Practices for the Massage Therapist, 1 CE

An NCBTMB Approved Massage Continuing Education Course

In this NCBTMB approved massage continuing education CEU, we’ll cover business aspects as related to the field.

As a massage therapist, your ethics and conduct in the field are just as important to your success as your skills. Knowing, understanding and integrating a code of eithics and standards of conduct into your work approach is not only expected, but essential in the field.

Recommended by the various professional massage and bodywork associations, developing, maintaining and continually striving to enhance a professional image helps, not only the individual massage therapist, but the overall field in order to preserve our “much strived for” credibility.

Business Practices for the Massage Therapist

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Business Practices for Massage Therapists Practice Exam Questions

  1. Why would a massage therapist decide to spend more time with a new client who has never had massage before?
  2. How long (approximately) does it take someone to form an “opinion” or “first impression” about a person?
  3. When dealing with complaints, it is helpful to be able to? 
  4. Which one of the following IS NOT identified as a communication style by customer service representatives?
  5. One of the best ways to set standards when it comes to spa staffing and expectations is to?
  6. Outside of the cost, what is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding to rent a space for your massage therapy practice?
  7. In defining business structures, what do the letters “LLC” stand for?
  8. More than 50% of business fail within _________ (how long)?
  9.  When making decisions, it is important to ________?